Creelman St. access gate temporarily inoperable

Due to a network issue, the access gate on Creelman Street will be inoperable until a new network feed is installed. During this time, the access gates on Bully Boulevard, Hardy Road, Magruder Street, Tracy Drive and Lee Boulevard will be raised.

Staff with gated permits will continue to be the only vehicles allowed to park in the gated core during this time.

Enforcement will continue over the summer in the following ways:

—Gated lots are only open for gated permit holders.

—Staff can park in Staff and Resident zones

—Commuter, Resident and Any Valid Permit permits are valid in any Commuter, Resident and Any Valid Permit zone.

For more information, contact MSU Parking and Transit Services at 662-325-3562 or email

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - 2:39 pm