Developing New Autonomous Systems

Viewed from above through the roof of the orange off-road vehicle, two CAVS research engineers install a screen inside the windshield..
Photo by Megan Bean

September 7, 2022

MSU Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems research engineers Michael Gibson and Tyler Hannis modify a Litetrax MTX-C tracked vehicle for off-road ground vehicle research sponsored by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center. The researchers are adding LiDAR, camera, GPS, and other sensors, along with powerful on-board computing that will provide MSU and ERDC researchers with a unique tracked vehicle for collecting environment and vehicle data while testing off-road self-driving systems. Custom user interfaces also are being added to the vehicle cab to allow researchers to monitor and control the self-driving systems during testing. Click here for more information on CAVS' off-road autonomy research.