Learning Through Discovery Across the Social Sciences, Physical and Life Sciences, and the Humanities

Mississippi State University College of Arts and Sciences is at the heart and soul of MSU, serving every student who attends the university.

Combining premier science-related programs with the best of the liberal arts tradition, we offer degree-granting programs in life and physical sciences, fine arts, humanities and social sciences as well as pre-professional concentrations in various healthcare careers and law.

Join the many successful graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences at Mississippi State University, some of who have received amazing accolades like the Truman, Goldwater and Rhodes Scholarships. Several students and faculty are members of America’s most prestigious honor society, Phi Beta Kappa.

Departments and Units

Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

Mississippi State University has a long and proud history of working with the Air Force, and the Aerospace Studies program offers students the opportunity to commission as a United States Air Force officer.

Programs include: Professional Officer Course, Early Release Program, Airman Scholarship Commissioning Program and Scholarships for Outstanding Airmen.

African American Studies

The African American Studies Program at Mississippi State University provides an interdisciplinary overview of the history and culture of African descendants living in the United States.

Students will gain invaluable insights into African American history, politics and African diaspora. Students pursuing a minor in African American Studies will enhance their experience in virtually any major.  

Anthropology & Middle Eastern Cultures

The Department of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures at Mississippi State University educates students about the histories and cultures of people around the world emphasizing the study of archaeology and the study of humans as biological and cultural beings. The department offers a minor in Middle Eastern studies and anthropology.

Undergraduate and graduate programs prepare students for careers in private and academic archaeology, anthropology and forensics. 

Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences at Mississippi State University focuses on the study of cellular biology, ecology and evolutionary biology, botany and zoology.

Students at the undergraduate and graduate levels will gain the knowledge to pursue careers in different areas of biology, such as healthcare. The program also offers degrees in microbiology and medical technology.


The Department of Chemistry at Mississippi State University provides broad-based training in the major areas of chemistry including analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, physical and healthcare.

Graduates can earn a Master of Science degree or a Ph.D. in chemistry. Cutting-edge chemistry equipment allows students to employ the latest techniques and processes in their studies and research.

Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures

The Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures at Mississippi State University empowers students with the tools they need to thrive in an increasingly-diverse global community.

Students can major or minor in a foreign language: Chinese, Classics (Greek and Latin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. Students can also choose from numerous graduate options and more.

Students are encouraged to study abroad, too, gaining an eye-opening experience in a new environment.


The Department of Communication at Mississippi State University prepares students to be effective and ethical consumers and producers of personal and public communication. Undergraduate degree concentrations include: broadcasting, communication studies, journalism, public relations and theatre.

Graduates of the department are employed by public relations and marketing firms, nonprofit organizations, government entities, hospitals, television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, theatre companies and more. 


The Criminology Program at Mississippi State University offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology. Criminology explores the nature and causes of crime in society. Areas of study include crime theory and policy, victimology, media and crime and more.

Economics (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts degree in economics at Mississippi State University educates students in different aspects of this social science, which can be applied to households, companies and governments. Career paths include business consulting, market research, economic analysts and business law.


The Department of English at Mississippi State University offers a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in English. Students will learn to think critically and creatively, exploring the breadth and depth of literature in diverse forms.

The program houses minors in both English and linguistics and offers a certificate program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, known as TESOL.

Gender Studies

The Gender Studies Program at Mississippi State University is an interdisciplinary course of study about historical and cultural understandings of gender. 

Undergraduates and graduates study courses that include the concepts of power, inequality, social movement and social justice.

The program offers a graduate certificate in gender studies.

General Liberal Arts

The General Liberal Arts Bachelor of Arts degree at Mississippi State University is available for students who wish to specialize in three areas of study suited for their career goals.

General Science

The General Science Bachelor of Science degree at Mississippi State University is designed to give students a broad general education of the sciences. 


The Department of Geosciences at Mississippi State University focuses on Earth and atmospheric processes and how these processes interact with people. 

Programs include a range of earth sciences including: geography, geology, geographic information systems, geospatial and remote sensing, broadcast and professional meteorology, climatology and environmental geosciences at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Non-thesis track distance learning master’s programs include: environmental geosciences, applied meteorology and teachers in geosciences.


The Department of History at Mississippi State University exposes students to a wide range of human perspectives and experiences. The curriculum facilitates a valuable understanding of the past and present, as well as cultural differences between peoples of the world.

Graduate students may study: war, power, and international affairs; agricultural, rural and environmental history; identity: gender, race and region; and history of science and technology.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies degree is designed to help students create a custom curriculum suited to their individual objectives, skill sets and career goals.

Students have the opportunity to choose two or three emphasis areas across colleges at Mississippi State University.

International Business

The Mississippi State University International Business Program encompasses two degrees: a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (with a concentration in marketing, finance, management and more) and a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in a foreign language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish).

This prepares graduates for a role in national and international companies, with enhanced language skills critical for an increasingly-global business market.

Mathematics & Statistics

Mississippi State University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a major and minor in mathematics and a minor in statistics at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Study includes the exploration of abstract algebra, analysis, applied mathematics, and differential equations. Some math majors seek employment in the actuarial sciences, biostatistics and data analysis.

Military Science

The Mississippi State University Military Science Program leads students into careers with the Army, Army Reserves and National Guard.

Army ROTC students will develop an understanding of what is required to serve as an officer in the United States Armed Forces, national security demands and a stronger sense of personal responsibility. An advanced course is available in the third and fourth years, placing greater emphasis on building military skills.


Mississippi State University Meridian helps students undertake credit and non-credit course work across the Division of Education, Master of Physician Assistant Studies, Division of Business and Division of Arts and Sciences.

Students will complete requirements for a variety of bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and specialist degrees through MSU-Meridian.


Mississippi State University’s Department of Music provides students with the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Music Education, a Master of Music Education and a minor in music.

Faculty educate students on the essential aspects of both performing music and teaching it to others. Cutting-edge facilities and passionate faculty members create an eye-opening, inspiring learning environment.

Philosophy & Religion

Mississippi State University’s Department of Philosophy and Religion teaches students critical thinking skills to analyze topics including ethics, science, religion, knowledge, justice, law, health and seminary studies.

The program provides a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy, with the option of a religion concentration, a philosophy minor and a religion minor. A graduate minor is also available. 

Physics and Astronomy

Mississippi State University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy is dedicated to educating the physicists and astronomers of tomorrow using the latest techniques and technologies. 

Students are encouraged to partake in research opportunities in all areas of study. Research opportunities include work with astronomy; atomic, molecular, optical and plasma physics; computational physics; condensed matter physics; and nuclear physics. 

Political Science and Public Administration

The Mississippi State University Department of Political Science and Public Administration provides students with a comprehensive curriculum, encouraging them to become more productive, critical-thinking citizens and leaders.

The department offers undergraduate and graduate degrees with a focus in political science and public policy and administration. In addition, the program offers minors in pre-law, international studies and political science. 

Students are provided professional experience through internships and other opportunities.  


The Mississippi State University Department of Psychology prepares students for careers in human resources, mental health, criminal justice, business, communication, law, health and counseling. 

The program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology in addition to minors in psychology and cognitive science. It also offers a clinical psychology Ph.D. and a cognitive science Ph.D. Both are designed to help students move on to an academic or scientific career.

Social Work

The Social Work Program at Mississippi State University trains students to work with a variety of populations that need assistance, from individuals and families to larger groups and communities.

The program offers a Bachelor of Social Work degree preparing students for careers in hospitals, home healthcare, rehabilitation clinics, child protection agencies and other diverse paths in addition to preparing students for graduate studies.


The Department of Sociology at Mississippi State University educates students on micro-level phenomena such as groups, social interactions and intimate relations. The degree offers students a variety of different perspectives and emphasizes critical thinking skills. 

Students learn about health, gender, sexuality, education, stratification, demography and criminology. 

The department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs and a minor.

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